Learn More About Our Values

The Vision

The vision for Proton is one that the sporting -- goods brand becomes a premier world class innovative choice for all clients and consumers served.

Our Mission

We have to maintain the foresight into industry trends to satisfy clients and their needs. Additionally we want to provide authentic, honest, innovative, expeditious customer responses, with impeccable purchaser service. 

Our Values

  • AUTHENTIC: Communicate with honesty and act with integrity for all services provided.
  • COMPETITIVE: Our aim is to be the best. We want to earn your business.
  • INNOVATIVE: Improving products, processes and services is the way to thrive in the future.
  • PASSIONATE: All members of our corporation love what we do and we enjoy helping our customers find supreme success!
  • QUALITY: We are committed to providing top-notch products.
  • RESPECTFUL: We will be kind and considerate in our service.
  • RESPONSIVE: Time is valuable and we won’t waste your time.

Finally, Proton Sports & Apparel is where providing sporting goods, apparel, supplies and service to our customers is our top priority.